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Citation Guide: MLA 7th Edition

A guide to MLA, APA, and Chicago style citation and formatting, with examples and links to frequently used resources.

MLA Handbook

This information is from the Hacker Handbook: A Writer's Reference. For more indepth information about creating your Works Cited page, please see your Hacker Handbook,  section MLA-4b (p.398)


Author last name, first name. Title. City of publication: Publisher,

          Date. Medium.

Single Author Wood, James. How Fiction Works. New York: Farrar, 2008. Print

Two or

Three Authors

Gourevitch, Philip, and Errol Morris. Standard Operating Procedure. 

          New York: Penguin, 2008. Print.

Journal Article  

Blackburn, Robin. "Economic Demoncracy: Meaningful, Desirable,

          Feasible?" Daedalus 136.3 (2007): 36-45. Print.