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Social Work: The Evaluation 'Piece' in Research

This subject is guide is intended to assist students, faculty, staff and alumni of the School of Social Work in locating specific resources in the field of social work.

Evaluation Center at the Western Michigan University

Go to the Evaluation Center at the Western Michigan University for a variety of links on evaluating programs.

The 'Checklists' site is worth a look.


Justice Center for Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

The Office of Justice Center for Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

 website is maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance. Check it out. Good stuff.

Getting started with evaluation

Click here for the Department of Education's Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention page on getting started with evaluating prevention programs. Although this is specifically intended for substance abuse and domestic violence programs, the basics are applicable to many program evaluations.

The Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook

The Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook is a guide for project managers, but has usefull information for general evaluation program planning and evaluation.

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