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Industry Information Research: Start Here

This guide will help you find resources to get information about industries.

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Guide Contents

Databases such as Mintel and IBISWorld can provide a lot of market research, statistics, reports and detailed information on several hundred industries.

Articles & Ratios
Use the full-text databases to find article and industry analyses.  Find the financial ratios for an industry, or how individual companies rank within an industry using the guides listed in Ratio's section

Best Bets

Standard Industry Classification System Commonly known as SIC codes, this industry classification system maintained by OSHA hasn't been updated since 1987.  Many data vendors still use SIC codes for classification purposes so they are still relevant today. 

The easiest way to find a code is to enter a keyword and find the code that most accurately describes what you are looking for.  If you want to browse that different codes available, click the SIC MANUAL link.  Bruno Library also has the SIC book located in the reference area:  REF HA40.I6 U63.

North American Industry Classification System - NAICS codes have been created by the Census Bureau with cooperation with their counterparts in Canada and Mexico, to have a uniform classification system.  This system takes into account many of the technology and emerging industries that are neglected by SIC codes.  

Search for NAICS codes by entering a keyword in the search box located in the upper-left side of the page.  Scroll down and get the code that fits your description best.  If you need further clarification, click on the code to get a detailed definition.  Bruno Library also has the NAICS book located in the reference area:  REF HA1042.A55.