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GBA 490 / 525: External Environment

Library resources for GBA 490 / 525

Press Releases/Analyst Reports/Financials

Analyst Reports

D&B Hoovers
Good resource for Industry, Company and Analyst Reports.  Enter the name of the company that you are researching (make sure to include all competitors in this exercise).  When you find the company, Analysts' Reports will be an option listed in the table of contents on the left side of the page.

Business Insights: Essentials
Enter name of company and choose the one you are looking for (even a company like Google will give you several options, so be careful).  On the right side in the Related Content box check out Investment Reports for up-to-date ratings reports about the company.  Additionally, under the Industries heading you can get market and industry reports.  In the Related Topics box, you will also get more information about PESTL factors such as legal issues, statistics, operations/technology stories.
Type in company in search box located in upper-right part of page.  Under the Stock Analysis, you will have not only the most recent analysis, but also stock recommendations dating back several years.

Industry/Market Analysis

Very important resource for your project.  This has detailed industry analysis, perfomance factors, supply chain, competitive landscape and main competitors.  This is based on the 5-Forces model and will be able to answer any questions concerning substitutes, target analysis, future trends etc.

As mentioned above, this is a great database for not only company and analyst reports, but also industry information.  Research, not only your company, but also the main competitors and the industry.  You can search by industry, or choose a company and then choose the industry link (there are several) that best matches what you are looking for.

Mintel Reports
You can browse the categories they have in our Subscription section and choose that.  Or, you can click the search tab, enter the name of a company or product and search the reports that way.  There will be several main categories under the report that you choose:  Market, Consumer, Brand/Company and Data.  Each will have futher sub-categories that detail marketing strategies, key demographics served, size, sales potential etc.  Very good resouce to find out who will be buying your product and that of your competitors.

Occupational/Employment Statistics
Find out number of establishments, wage, cost and employment data for MSA's in the United States. 

Bloomberg SPLC Function

Come into Bruno and use one of the Bloomberg terminals to get detailed supply chain analysis for a company. 

  1. Simply log into BBL using the name/pwd located on the keyboard.
  2. Enter the ticker symbol of the company you want to research (where the cursor is blinking)
  3. This will bring you to that BBL company page.  Type: SPLC (where cursor is blinking). You will see the following

Bloomberg Supply Chain Analysis Figure: Panera Suppliers

Bloomberg Supply Chain Data Page: Panera Customers