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GBA 490 / 525: Strategic Options

Library resources for GBA 490 / 525

T-O-W-S Analysis


    TOWS Analysis Chart: Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Strengths

Prepare a company profile
Type of business
Competitive situation

Perform a PESTL analysis [Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal/Legislative factors affecting your company, the industry and surroundings

Prepare a forecast and market predictions for your company/product

Prepare an internal forecast based on your Strengths and Weaknesses.  Use factors such as management, financial situation, operations, marketing channels/options.

SO:  Leverage strengths to maximize opportunities
WO:  Identify weaknesses and build upon them.  Use strengths to counteract weaknesses
ST:  Leverage strengths to minimize threats
WT:  Minimize internal weaknesses and external threats by maximizing SO previously discussed