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Resources for Actors: Finding Plays

This guide is designed to help you find plays, scenes, and monologues to use in classes, performances, and auditions.

Finding Plays

It can be helpful to search for plays using Subject Headings and Keywords.  Note that for library searches you need to spell the word "theater" with "-er," not "-re."

Suggested Subject Headings:

Drama - 20th Century 
American Drama

English Drama 


Modern Plays and Playwrights

Check out, a free online guide to modern playwrights and theatre plays which have been written, adapted, or translated into English since the production of Look Back in Anger in 1956. contains information on 44,291 Playwrights and 149,367 of their plays!

Selected Plays and Scene Collections

Plays with scenes for two or several women
Beautiful Senoritas
Fefu and Her Friends
The Female of the Species
The Glass Menagerie
The Heidi Chronicles
The Miracle Worker
Top Girls
Uncommon Women
Plays with scenes for two or several men
Based on a Totally True Story
Glengarry Glen Ross
True West
The Weir
Scene Collections
The Actor's Scenebook:Scenes and Monologues from Contemporary Plays.
Contemporary Scenes for Actors, Men
Contemporary Scenes for Actors, Women
Contemporary Scenes for Young Men, 1985-2000.
Contemporary Scenes for Young Women, 1985-2000