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Nursing Reference Guide: Research Help

This guide contains nursing resources and information. Links below provide a starting place for your nursing research project.

Evidence Based Care

What is Evidence based Care

Evidence-Based Medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values -  Sackett DL, Straus SE, Richardson WS, et al. (2000). Evidence-based medicine: how to practice and teach EBM. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

David Sackett , Clinical epidemiologist and pioneer of evidence-based medicine.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice (Duke) tutorial

Evidence-Based Medicine: Resources by Levels of Evidence




Featured Nurse

 portrait of Florence Nightingale

This portrait of Florence Nightingale (1820 -1910) depicts her as the "Lady with the Lamp" as she became known for her habit of visiting patients at night during the Crimean War.

PubMed for Nurses Tutorial

Easy to follow Tutorials from NLM to learn about:

What is Pubmed?

Simple Search

Clinical queries

using filters and more