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Acumen Digital Archives Explorer: Other Cool Stuff

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Sheet Music Collections

Audio: Harald Rohlig Organ Music

Performance recordings of organist Dr. Harald Rohlig, retired Professor of Music at Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Alabama. Most recordings in the collection (totaling 153 items) were made at Memorial Presbyterian Church, Huntingdon College, or St. John's Episcopal Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

Read about his life in the Finding Aid for the Rohlig collection, in the section "Biographical/Historical note."

By the way, Acumen has a selection of music from Handel's Messiah, including the "Hallelujah" chorus.

18th C. Atlas of the American South/Midwest

The 1826 atlas Voyages dans l'Amérique Septentrionale (translation: Travels in Northern America) was based on the 1796 spying expedition of a French General. It details the port towns along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

For example, a map of St. Louis:


atlas page, st. lewis, 1796

French Revolution pamphlets

Hoole Special Collections Library has a pretty cool collection of French Revolution pamphlets, and over 300 of them are digitized and online!


The pamphlets are described as "ephemera," which means they were designed to be read and thrown away. But since they reflect such an important moment in history, they've been preserved anyway. Writers include prominent figures like Robespierre, St. Juste, Desmoulins, and Danton.


French pamphlet, 18th c


(Mysteres d'iniquités dévoilés, lisez et profitez, parisiens; translation: Unveiled Mysteries of Iniquity, Read and Benefit, Parisians)


French pamphlet, 18th c


(L'Esprit François, ou Problême a Résoudre sur le labyrinthe des divers complots, by Olympe de Gouges; translation: The French Spirit, or Problem to be Solved in the Maze of Various Plots)