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Cold War History: Start Here

Welcome! This web site is a gateway to Cold War history resources at the University of Alabama Libraries.


Welcome to the library page for Cold War history!  You can use the tabs above to find primary and secondary sources, guidelines on citing materials, and ideas for creating your end-of-the semester presentation. 

Dr. Peacock and I compiled the list of resources specifically for your seminar projects.  Please check back frequently as we will probably keep adding resources throughout the semester.  If you run across resources that may be of use to others in the class, please let us know.

Like the spy stories popularized by the Cold War, research can be an adventure filled with intrigue and suspense, dead ends as well as breakthroughs.  Please let Dr. Peacock and I know however we can assist in your adventures!

The Berlin Wall



The Berlin Wall, 1961-1989, was one of the classic symbols of the Cold War.  A few remnants of the Wall still stand in Berlin.  When East Germany began to collapse, "wall woodpeckers" broke off small pieces of the  wall and sold them off as souvenirs. Now, millions of people (including UA history librarian Brett Spencer) own these tangible relics of a divided world.

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