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Education Library Instruction: Instruction Options

Describes instruction offerings regularly facilitated by V. Dozier, Education Librarian.


The instruction sections are designed to support education courses, research, and information literacy needs. Email an instruction request and I will follow up with you within 2 business days via email to confirm an instruction date & location. Online sessions are also available via Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate.

You may request one-on-one, small group, or large group instruction. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your request at least 2 weeks before your preferred instruction date.

Requests for specialized instruction for Curriculum & Instruction? Contact Benita Strnad,, 205-348-1508

Questions? Contact V. Dozier,, 205-348-1507

Instruction Options

Title Description

The Quickstart Library 

(duration: 10-15 minutes)

Don't have time for a full class session? Choose this option if you'd like me to visit your class for 10-15 minutes. This session will include a librarian introduction, contact info, & 1-2 tips to get your students started on a specific research assignment.

Research Orientation for Undergraduate/Graduate Students 

This session provides a library resource orientation for CoE undergraduate/graduate students. Topics covered will include an overview to McLure Library services & collections, interlibrary loan, scheduling a research consultation, & an overview of education-related databases.

Research Strategies for Undergraduate/Graduate Students 

Have a research project/assignment? This session will guide students through the process of choosing a research topic, crafting a research question, identifying search terms, & conducting initial searches using Scout & relevant education databases.

Using Citation Management Tools

This session covers basic skills to use a chosen tool including account setup, importing references, creating bibliographies, & using cite-while-you-write for Microsoft Word & Google Docs.

Tool options: RefWorks, Zotero, or EndNote

**May be combined with Citing in APA Style workshop**

Citing in APA Style

Learn how to cite print & electronic resources & build reference lists using APA Style 6th edition. Emphasis can be placed on using APA Style in conjunction with citation managers such as RefWorks for graduate students.

**May be combined with Using Citation Management Tools or Copyright for Teaching & Research workshop**

Introduction to Nvivo

Learn to use Nvivo to organize and analyze data from documents, audio, video, images, spreadsheets, social media, and more.

Developing a Literature Review

This session covers literature review basics including types, structure, & research strategies, with a focus on education-related literature reviews.

Nvivo for Literature Reviews

Learn how use useful Nvivo functions (i.e., import setup, frequency queries, etc.) help organize and analyze data for literature reviews.

**Workshop demonstration will use EndNote import; RefWorks import instructions will be provided upon request**

Digital Apps & Technology for Teaching & Learning

Learn how to effectively infuse digital apps & technology into teaching & learning. This session can be customized for your needs.

  • Technology options: SMARTBoard, Promethean board, McLure Presentation Room software
  • Multimedia & Presentation apps: such as Google Slides, Prezi, Powtoon, SlideDeck

Copyright for Teaching & Research

This session provides an overview of copyright applications, fair use, & Creative Commons usage for teaching & research.

**May be combined with Citing in APA Style Workshop**

Building an E-portfolio

This session will cover basic skills for using WYSISYG platforms like Weebly to build an e-portfolio.

5 Things to Know About OER

Concerned about rising textbook costs & the impact on student success? This session will introduce you to Open Educational Resources (OER), including what they are, why they exist, & how UA Libraries can help incorporate OER into your teaching & research.

Evaluating Resources

This session will cover how to distinguish between scholarly, trade, & popular resources, when content/format is appropriate to use, and how to evaluate resources for reliability, bias, accuracy, and currency.

Where to Publish!

This session will cover tools you can use to use to determine where to publish your scholarly work. Session will also include tips to avoid predatory publishers/publications.

Tracking Your Scholarly Impact

This session will cover an array of tools to help you track your scholarly productivity—citations and engagement—and learn how to present it in a positive light.

Other session

If one of the sessions above doesn't meet your needs, email me & I will work with you to create a custom session.