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Italian Language & Literature: Finding Books

Explore library resources related to Italian Language, Literature, and Culture

Books at UA

Looking for a book on the shelves? Search through Scout or directly through the libraries' catalog to browse print holdings.

Each record of a book will have a call number that corresponds to the book's location in Gorgas, McLure, Rodgers, Bruno, Hoole, or the Annex. 

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Most of the Italian Studies books are located with in the PQ4001-5999 call number ranges.

PQ4001-5999: Italian literature

  • PQ4001-4199.5: History and criticism
    • PQ4001-4063: General
    • PQ4064-4075: Early to 1500
    • PQ4077-4088: Modern
    • PQ4091-4131: Poetry
    • PQ4133-4160: Drama
    • PQ4161-4184: Prose
    • PQ4186-4199: Folk literature
    • PQ4199.5: Juvenile literature (General)
  • PQ4201-4263: Collections
    • PQ4201-4204: General
    • PQ4205-4206: Translations
    • PQ4207-4225: Poetry
    • PQ4227-4245: Drama
    • PQ4247-4263: Prose
  • PQ4265-4556: Individual authors and works to 1400
  • PQ4561-4664: Individual authors, 1400-1700
  • PQ4675-4734: Individual authors, 1701-1900
  • PQ4800-4851: Individual authors, 1900-1960
  • PQ4860-4886: Individual authors, 1961-2000
  • PQ4900-4926: Individual authors, 2001-
  • PQ5901-5999: Regional, provincial, local, etc.

Books at Other Libraries

This video demonstrates how to use our Interlibrary Loan service when you need a book that is not in our collection, or an article from a journal we don't subscribe to.

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The library provides access to thousands of electronic books in every discipline and subject area. There are multiple ways to view and e-book. You can access e-books via PDF or e-pub format in your web browser. Or you can check them out by downloading them to your computer or mobile device for offline access. 

You can also view e-books through various content providers below.