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European Social and Cultural History during the Long Nineteenth Century: Start Here

Welcome to the library web site for European Social and Cultural History during the Long Nineteenth Century!

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Guide Contents

  • Find Primary Sources--original sources created by people who experienced the Long Nineteenth Century.

This library web site accompanies the course HY 430 European Social and Cultural History during the Long Nineteenth Century. Like the course content, this site covers topics such as fashion, gender, race, class, material culture, literature, the arts, and other cultural topics. 

The Long Nineteenth Century saw a flowering of culture in Europe, and you may find that you need to use textual documents as well as art, literature, music, newspaper ads, artifacts, and other items as sources.

French Revolutionary Pamphlets

 The Long Nineteenth Century began with a revolution in   France that unleashed a frenzy of pamphlets advocating   democratic principles.  This pamphlet from the Friends of  Liberty and Equality is part of a rich collection of French Revolutionary Pamphlets at The W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library on the UA campus.  Many of these pamphlets are available online through Acumen.


Congratulations on being accepted into this seminar! Creating a major research paper will not only help you uncover the history of a fascinating period, but also help you learn searching and writing skills that will put you firmly on the path to becoming a scholar.