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Portuguese Language and Culture: Books

A guide to library resources


Dissertations and Theses can be be valuable ways to look at what sort of research has already been done on your topic. 

Library Catalog

The next few resources are available at the University of Alabama Libraries. The three "Best bets" for books are Scout, the Catalog, and the Electronic Journals. 

Books at other libraries

Electronic Books

As mentioned in "e-resources," these materials are electronic. Check out these databases and websites as a way of finding books, articles, and more. 

Primary Source Databases and Other Resources

Here is a collection of databases of primary sources and other resources for researchers

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Most of the Portuguese Studies books are located with in the PQ9000-9999 call number ranges.

PQ9000-9999: Portuguese literature

  • PQ9000-9129: History and criticism
    • PQ9000-9034: General
    • PQ9035-9055: Special periods
    • PQ9061-9081: Poetry
    • PQ9083-9095: Drama
    • PQ9097-9119: Prose
    • PQ9121-9128: Folk literature
    • PQ9129: Juvenile literature (General)
  • PQ9131-9188: Collections
    • PQ9131-9144: General
      • PQ9137: Translations
    • PQ9149-9163: Poetry
    • PQ9164-9170: Drama
    • PQ9172-9188: Prose
  • PQ9189: .Individual authors and works to 1500
  • PQ9191-9255: Individual authors and works, 1500-1700
  • PQ9261: Individual authors, 1701-1960
  • PQ9262-9288: Individual authors, 1961-2000
  • PQ9300-9326: Individual authors, 2001-
  • PQ9400-9999: Provincial, local, colonial, etc.