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Guide Contents

Industry - Companies are part of, or comprise, something bigger, i.e. Industries.  Use this page for links to databases with a wealth of industry-related information.

Company - This page is composed of sources that provide profiles of companies.  Financial information for publicly traded companies is easier to find b/c of regulations.

Other important information -  Use this page to learn more about financial terms and tools.

Bloomberg, articles, etc.     - Use this page to find general information about our Bloomberg terminals.  One must physically be in the Bruno Library or Bashinsky Computer Lab to use this resource.

General Information

All sources shown are UA subscription databases unless otherwise noted.  The online sources can be found on the Bruno Library Databases page.  To gain remote access to these sources be sure to use your myBama password and login.

bear vs bull


Use this guide to find and explore business sources for financial investments.

US Economy


Check out these sites to get a gauge on the US Economy:

US Bureau of Economic Analysis

Common Acryonyms


AMEX or ASE   American Stock Exchange
CD Certificate of deposit
DJIA    Dow Jones Industrial Average
EBT Earnings before tax
EDGAR SEC's Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system
EPS Earnings per share
ETF  Exchange traded fund
IPO Initial public offering
IRA Individual Retirement Account
NASD National Association of Securities Dealers
NASDAQ    NASD Automated Quotation
NAV Net Asset Value
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
OTC    Over-the-counter
ROI Return on investment
SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission