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Data Services: Start Here

Empower faculty and students with library and other free resources related to data research activities and practical analyses.

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This site is primarily designed to help faculty and students navigate the gap that exists in the many disciplines between the increasingly sophisticated use of statistical models and quantitative data analysis in frontier research and graduate education, and the limited treatment of this material in traditional undergraduate curricula. It does so by laying out a structured program of training in advanced modeling and quantitative techniques that can be broadly applied across a range of science disciplines and topics (especially for social sciences). Additionally, qualitative research supports can also be found on the site. 

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Kevin Walker
Kevin W. Walker, Ph.D.
Head of Assessment & Govt. Information

The University of Alabama Libraries
Box 870266
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0266
Subjects:Data Services

My Research Interests

Data Visualization

Applied Machine Learning

Bayesian Statistics

Generalizability Theory

Item Response Theory

Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling

Structural Equation Modeling

Missing Imputation

Longitudinal Modeling