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Library Guide for EN 102 Instructors: Antiracist Writing Pedagogy Resources

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Antiracism and the Composition Classroom

As with all systems, college composition can be used as a tool for white supremacy. The college composition classroom has long been used as a gatekeeping mechanism to sort students into categories of those who could perform white english and those who could not.  Below, please find a few resources that will help you work against perpetuating racism in your classroom.

Asao Inoue's Language Facts:

  1. All spoken language changes over time.
  2. All spoken languages are equal in linguistic terms.
  3. Grammaticality and communicative effectiveness are distinct and interdependent issues.
  4. Written language and spoken language are historically, structurally, and functionally fundamentally different creatures.
  5. Variation is intrinsic to all spoken language at every level.


*Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies p.29


Understanding Whiteness

Research and Pedagogy Resources

Statements From the Field