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RDS Instruction

Creating tables and charts for Excel 2016

Class 1 Outline

  1. The Excel workspace
  2. Getting familiar with the Ribbon
  3. Entering data into Excel
  4. Formatting your data
  5. Importing data
  6. Preparing to print your spreadsheet
  7. Saving your data

Class 2: Outline

This course will assume students have a working knowledge, and prior experience, with Excel.  This class will show students how to manage data using tables and how to extract additional information using simple Excel formulas.

  • Creating a table in Excel
  • Table features
  • Creating and editing formulas
    • Math Formulas
    • Logical Formulas
    • Reference/Lookup formulas
    • Text Formulas
    • Date/Time Formulas

Class 3: Outline

Pivot Tables

  1. What is a Pivot Table - Advantages/Disadvantages
  2. Adding New Table / Rows, Columns, Values, Filters
  3. Refreshing Table
  4. Subtotals, Subgroups,
  5. Using Filters for specificity
  6. Calculated Fields


Class Files