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MGT 456_597 Data Visualization

Tools for use in data visualization


This will give you very detailed information about demographics, crime, income, education, employment and thousands of other variables.

This database will provide news items from newspapers around the world, regardless of size.  Find local information for specific dates by using the custom date range.

Statistical Insight
Tables and text of statistics compiled by federal agencies.  Topics range from the economy, health, business, tax crime etc.  The output are available (in most cases) in both pdf and excel formats.  Additionally, links to the original articles are provided.

Statistics portal to the world of data and facts from thousands of sources onto a single platform. It provides direct access to relevant quantitative facts on finance, media & marketing, politics, telecommunications, sports & recreation and many more areas of interest. Sources of information include market researchers, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases. Statistical data can be downloaded directly into PowerPoint, Excel, and JPG formats.

Public Data Sources

US Census Quickfacts
Find census data on a city/community

National Center for Education Statistics
Scroll to the menu button on top. The sub-menu Data & Tools will allow you to build datasets and search for data about all levels of education statistics.  The Fast Facts sub-menu will provide pre-canned data and reports.

US Department of Education
This Department of Education website provides data on all levels of education.  The Colleges/Universities section will lead you to data on that subject ranging from student aid to college scores and student outcomes.

Education Statistics
This is a 2019 article about schools in the US.  It has a ton of information regarding racial/economic composition, graduation rates, state facts etc.  All of the charts/graphs have links to the source documentation; so this would be a good place to start a research project regarding education.

National Education Association - Rankings & Estimates
NEA site that has all the US rankings & estimates reports dating back to 2008.  This includes income, expenditures, salaries etc. 

NCES surveys on students and teachers
All the surveys published by the National Center for Education Statistics.  These are categorized by data on students, faculty, staff and institution. Education Datasets
Large datasets on education.  This will provide data in Excel format (as well as SAS and SPSS) for hundreds of educational categories.