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Searching in Archival Collections


The Archival Collections search interface works similarly to other library search tools. This page will cover the basics you will probably be able to work out by just diving in and doing some searches, but it will also point out some of its idiosyncrasies and other things that are good to keep in mind.

Basic Search

1. Enter a keyword into the search box to see a list of results for your keyword(s).

2. The keyword is highlighted at the top left. Use the menus above the results to page through the list and sort by it relevance, title, or year

3. To further refine your search, enter a keyword in the Filter Results box at the top right to filter results.

4. Here we used "greene," as in Greene County.

5. Or click on one of the Additional Filters to see a more focused results list.

6. This one is by Subject --> Diaries.

7. This one is by Type --> Archival Record (i.e., items and folders instead of whole collections)

Subject Browse

1. Click on Subjects on the main page (top menu bar) to browse subjects.

2. It will generate a list of every subject used in the respository.

3. Enter a keyword in the filter box (top right) to see a list of subjects that include that word.

4. Here we used "cotton."

5. Click on any subject in the list to generate a results list for that subject.

6. Here we clicked on "Cotton textiles."