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Informatics Research and Services

This guide provides information about UA Libraries Informatics services and highlights selected informatics resources.

What is Informatics?

Informatics is a broad term that is usually associated with some aspect of digital data processing, computation, visualization, and storage/retrieval of information. There are many sub-disciplines of informatics and the data types used, and as a result, the scope of informatics research can vary considerably across disciplines. Here are a few selected articles that describe specific informatics fields and example research studied:

Informatics Support

UA Libraries seeks to support components of informatics research that are common across informatics disciplines. Such topics may also overlap with information science (storage/retrieval) and bibliometrics.

Given that many informatics research projects start with compiling literature data to discover new information and patterns, one of our primary goals with our informatics services is to provide support for the acquisition of data for use in downstream informatics and computational analyses. We also seek to support informatics scripting workflows, basic data manipulation, and data visualization.

In summary, we can help you with workflows and informatics tasks related to:

  1. Automated data collection through scholarly APIs
  2. Data preparation such as transforming or extracting data from text files
  3. Data analysis including basic statistics, comparison of data, and visualization
  4. Scripting workflows using computational notebooks
  5. Documentation workflows using markup languages