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MUS 121: Intro to Listening: Libraries' Catalog

Music Library resources and how to use them.

Using the Libraries' Catalog

Use Basic Search to look up an author, composer or journal title. You can also use Basic Search to search by Subject Headings.  For example, type in a composer's name--last name, first name--and choose Subject Heading from the dropdown menu to the right.  You will get a list of books about that composer. Or you can type in a subject heading such as "music and technology."  You will get a list of titles.  When you click on one you will see a list of additional "Subjects."  If you click on one of those, you will find more related titles.  

To find particular scores and recordings use Advanced Search. Suppose you want to find CD recordings of songs by Schubert.  In the first box, type "schubert, franz." (Notice that you don't have to capitalize when using the catalog.) In the second box type "songs" and in the third box type "compact."  This will retrieve all of the CDs of this piece owned by the library, as well as our streaming audio recordings of this work.