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W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library

A guide to accessing resources at the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library.

Tom Bevill

  • Service: U.S. House (Al-7, AL-4)
  • Congresses: 90th-104th (1967-1997)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Tom Bevill papers (MSS.0152)
  • Linear feet: 715
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Minimal processing. This collection covers Bevill's term as U.S. Representative of Alabama's Fourth Congressional District, 1967-1997. Also includes some materials on his law practice and personal life. The papers are temporarily arranged in four groups: one group of office files transferred from Washington D.C. in 1996 (322 boxes), organized  by congress and session (chronologically) in the original office filing system; and three groups unarranged, in the order received: office files transferred in 1989 (283 boxes); files transferred from the Congressman’s house in Jasper in 1997 (24 boxes); and files transferred from a storage building in Jasper in Fall 1996 (74 boxes).
  • Online Finding Aid: Consult Special Collections for more information

Carl Elliott

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-7/at large)
  • Congresses: 81st-88th (1949-1964)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Carl Elliott papers (MSS.0480)
  • Linear feet: 430
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Processed. The collection contains the congressional papers of Carl Atwood Elliott who represented Alabama for eight consecutive terms from 1949 to 1965. Also included are the papers and supporting documents nominating him for the first John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. The majority of the collection is unprocessed but open to researchers.
  • Online Finding Aid: Consult Special Collections for more information

Lister Hill

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-2), U.S. Senate
  • Congresses: 68th-90th (1923-1968)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Lister Hill papers (MSS.0670)
  • Linear feet: 801
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Broken down into series as follows: CONGRESSIONAL PAPERS - The Senator's papers from this period had no apparent order to them. They were in large manila envelopes, each of which dealt with a specific person, bill or problem. The envelopes were packed in storage boxes in an apparently random fashion. Therefore, an artificial topical arrangement was created. 78 linear feet. POLITICAL PAPERS, 1923-1945 - This group contains the papers concerning these elections from 1923-1946, when the filing system was created. In addition correspondence dealing with other political matter for this period is included in this group. 20 linear feet. SENATORIAL YEARS - The Senator's correspondence from his years in the Senate, with a broad breakdown by the topics, general, legislation, miscellaneous and post office for each year. The papers for the four years that the United States was involved in World War II were boxed together in one file by the Senator's staff and so were processed that way, being divided into six series. 88 linear feet. SENATORIAL PAPERS, 1946-1968 - In 1946 the Senator's office staff instituted a topical filing system which, with minor modifications, was followed till his retirement in 1968. At the conclusion of each congressional year his staff pulled the non-active files and sent to storage. The processor pulled the files on each topic from each year so that for each topic the correspondence for the 22 years of the system are arranged together. This group contains approximately 70 percent of the collection and almost all of the health related material. 560 linear feet.
  • Online Finding Aid:

John Sparkmann

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-8), U.S. Senate
  • Congresses: 75th-95th (1937-1978)
  • bio:
  • Collection: John J. Sparkman papers (MSS.1319)
  • Linear feet: 1130
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: This collection includes campaign files, constituent correspondence, committee files, and etc. of this important New Deal-era Alabama Congressman and Senator. Only a broad finding aid is currently available.
  • Online Finding Aid: None at this time

Smaller Collections

Henry De Lamar Clayton, Jr.

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-3)
  • Congresses: 55th-63rd (1897-1914)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Henry De Lamar Clayton, Jr., papers (MSS.0314)
  • Linear feet: 40
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Processed. The papers Clayton's document his life, actions, and influence. The material is arranged in eight series relating to the different aspects of his life: Family and Personal Data, Emory, Generalship, Judgeship, Miscellany, Politics, Stone Mountain Memorial, and the University of Alabama Presidency. There is also a series of Artifacts.
  • Online Finding Aid:

Claude Harris, Jr.

James Thomas Heflin

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-5), U.S. Senate
  • Congresses: 58th-71st (1903-1930)
  • bio:
  • Collection: James Thomas Heflin papers (MSS.0659)
  • Linear feet: 16
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Processed. Correspondence, speeches, press releases, biographical notes, campaign literature, photographs, scrapbooks and memorabilia. Material for the early period of Heflin's career (1893-1900), when he was engaged in local and state politics, is scarce. The correspondence is arranged in four groups, each organized by date: political, general, personal affairs, and outgoing letters. PERMISSION IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS THE COLLECTION.

Samuel Francis Hobbs

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-4)
  • Congresses: 74th-81st (1935-1950)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Samuel Francis Hobbs papers (MSS.0682)
  • Linear feet: 48
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Processed. This collection is made up of correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, government publications and other materials concerning Samuel Francis Hobbs's career as the U.S. Congressman (1934-1951) from the 4th district of Alabama. Arranged into the following series: Correspondence; Miscellaneous Bills, Reports, Etc.; Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings; Miscellaneous Notebooks; Scrapbooks; Artifacts
  • Online Finding Aid:

Carter Manasco

John McDuffie

Albert McKinley Rains

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-5/at large)
  • Congresses: 79th-88th (1945-1964)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Albert M. Rains papers (MSS.1178)
  • Linear feet: 9
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: Correspondence, texts of speeches, and federal government publications relating to housing, labor, mass transportation, and waterways development, including the Warrior-Tombigbee, Chattahoochee, and Coosa Rivers. Rains's correspondents included Silvio O. Conte, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Conrad M. Fowler, Charles B. Heinz, H. A. Morris and John Sparkman. Unprocessed.
  • Online Finding Aid:

Robert "Bob" Riley

Kenneth Allison Roberts

Armistead Inge Selden, Jr.

  • Service: U.S. House (AL-6/at large, AL-5)
  • Congresses: 83rd-90th (1953-1968)
  • bio:
  • Collection: Armistead I. Selden Jr. papers (MSS.1244)
  • Linear feet: 122
  • Processing and Arrangement Note: The collection contains the papers - primarily correspondence - of Armistead I. Selden, Jr., covering his years as a United States Representative (1953-1969), as well as the years he was Ambassador to New Zealand, Fiji, The Kingdom of Tonga, and Western Samoa (1974-1979). The boxes are arranged chronologically. The boxes covering his years in the U.S. House of Representatives are, for the most part, arranged according to an indexing code based developed by Selden's secretaries based on subject matter. Within each folder the material is generally in alphabetical order by the correspondent's last name.
  • Online Finding Aid:

Donald Wilbur Stewart