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International Business: Start Here

Use this guide to find frequently-used international business sources.

Guide Contents

International Company Information - Click here for getting profiles of companies that exist outside of the US. 

Country Information - Click here for in-depth economic, financial, as well as other issues facing nations around the globe. 

Economic Data & Statistics - Click here for statistics and more.

Exporting/Importing - Click here for trade data between nations.

Articles - Click here for access to countless articles via 1000's of sources

eBooks - Click here for access to various subject-specific eBooks.

FREE apps

Country statisics  from The Economist:

The World Bank

World Development Report 2014:

United Nations (UN) apps

International Monetary Fund (IMF)


The purpose of this guide is to centralize and present a number of relevant library and internet resources pertaining to the subject of international business.