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Resources for Singers

Finding Scores

Finding a Score of a Song
Sometimes you know exactly what piece you're looking for. But how do you find it in the Music Library? Here are a few search tips:

Click on Classic Catalog on the Libraries' home page; then click on Advanced Search.

For song titles, search using keywords.  For example, suppose you are looking for a score of the Schubert song "Im Dorfe."  Type "schubert" in the first box, "im dorfe" in the second box, and "score" in the third box. Notice that you do not need to capitalize. The catalog displays information for the score of the song cycle Winterreise, because "Im Dorfe" is one of the songs in that work. If you then type "winterreise" in place of "im dorfe" you will see more listings for this song cycle.

Sometimes you will be looking for a song that is not part of a larger work. Usually, individual songs are grouped in anthologies, but the library catalog often does not provide the titles of songs contained in each anthology. If you are having trouble finding a song, please stop by the music librarian's office and ask for assistance.  


Browsing for Scores Using Call Numbers

Browse these call number ranges for various types of vocal music:
Operas and musicals (full scores)  
Operas and musicals (piano-vocal scores)
Operatic, musical anthologies/selections   
Voice and orchestra      
Songs and song collections       
Song cycles         
Oratorios (full scores)    
Oratorios (piano-vocal scores)     
Masses (full scores)         
Masses (piano-vocal scores)      
Songs and song collections (sacred)