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Economics MA/Ph. D. Students: Research/Publishing Sources

This guide introduces some of the Bruno Business Libraries' resources.


Annual Reports

Annual reports (ARs) can be found in many places.  Today many companies post their latest ARs on their company websites under "Investor Relations."  ARs differ from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing known as the 10K.  The ARs are usually more enjoyable to look at as they include nice glossy photos vs just plain text of a 10K.  The 10K will cover the good and bad in the company whereas the ARs generally present a rosy type picture because these are geared toward the potential investor.


The Bruno Library has a large collection of paper annual reports for a wide range of companies going back to the early 19th century.  Click here to search the collection. 

UA also has some annual reports on micro-fiche.

Bloomberg also has some access to annual reports.