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Musical Theatre: Sound Recordings and Videos


The Music Library has many sound recordings of musicals, both on CD and LP.  Select the links below to browse a partial listing of recordings in each format.

Musicals - CD

Musicals - LP


To find a specific recording, go to the Libraries' Catalog and select Advanced Search.  If you want a CD of "Dames at Sea," type the title "dames at sea" in the first box, and select "as a phrase" and "Title" from the drop down menus to the right.  In the second box, type the word "compact."

If you want to find CDs of all the work of a single composer, go to Advanced Search and type the composer's name, last name first, in the first box, selecting "as a phrase" and "author" from the drop down menus to the right.  In the second box, type "compact" Then click Search.


There are many videos available in the Music Library.  To find them, use the Music Library Video Database.  Use the dropdown menu to browse for videos by genre. Or type a title in the search box to find a particular video. 

Video Pick