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Percussion Resources in the Music Library: Recordings

A guide to finding percussion scores, recordings, and books about all aspects of percussion in the music library.

Finding Recordings of Percussion Music

The music library has many recordings of music featuring percussion instruments. 

Click here to browse a list of CDs.

Click here to browse an LP list. 

CDs of Special Interest to Percussionists

Finding a Recording of a Particular Piece

You can also use the catalog to find a recording of a particular piece. Suppose you are looking for a recording of Elliott Carter's Eight Pieces for Timpani. Go to the Libraries' home page at Click on Libraries Catalog; then click on Advanced Search. In the first box, type "carter, elliott," and choose "as a phrase" and "Author" from the drop-down menus at the right. In the second box, type "eight pieces," and select "as a phrase." Notice that you do not have to use capitalization in the catalog.  In the third box, type "compact" and, under the"type" box, select "musical recording." Click "Search" and you will see that the library owns two CD recordings of this work.

Listen to Music Online

To find a wide variety of music, log into one of the library's streaming audio databases:

If you are off campus, log in with your MyBama user name and password. If you know the composer and title of the piece you want to listen to you can type in the composer's last name and the title of the piece. In many cases you will find that there are several recordings of a particular piece.