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Company Research

Find data on private, public, domestic and international companies using Bruno Library databases


A subsidiary is a company that is owned by another company, known as a parent.  For example, Alabama Power (subsidiary) is owned by Southern Company (parent).  Information about subsidiaries is harder to find because much is consolidated into the parent companies financial statements.  However, many subsidiaries are public companies and, therefore, have financial information available in our databases.

To find a list of subsidiaries of a company we can use the following databases:

Financial/Industry Ratios

Analyst Reports



The Bruno Library has two mulit-screen Bloomberg terminals for student/faculty use.  These are located on the first floor. 

The applications contained within Bloomberg go far beyond the scope of this guide, but even the new user can find a lot of useful information by just following a few simple steps:

Press the red CONN DEFAULT key

Enter the login name/password located in the upper-right side of the keyboard

Type the ticker or name of the company.  A menu will appear with instances where that company appears.  For the majority of UA users this will be the company equity function.  For example, searching for Southwest Airlines, click on LUV US Equity.

The Equity menu will appear for you company.  Choose the item you would like to see or query on.

The following link contains a PDF with some basic equity functions that will be extremely useful to anyone perfoming company/industry analysis: