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Graduate Business Student Guide

Resources for MBA and Business Graduate Students

Company Databases

Hoover's Online
Search for information on both domestic and international companies.  Contains data about competitors, financial information (up to 10 years worth of historical financial data for public companies), history/background, primary products etc.  Very easy to use to find a single company or generate a list of similar companies.

Business Insights: Essentials
Contains company information, company histories, financials, news and SWOT analysis on public companies.

Excellent database for researching foreign companies.  Contains information such as company description, historical financials, analyst reports, SWOT analysis and more.  Find research on a particular company or build a list of global companies that meet your research requirements.

Build market research and sales reports using RefUSA.  Provides searchability of all businesses regardless of size or ownership.  Other databases specialize in larger companies with very detailed financials; this database emphasizes smaller companies to enable you to build custom lists and get a better understanding or your local area.

Industry Databases

Contains over 700 detailed industry reports.  Browse the items by scrolling down the page, or enter the name of an industry (or company within an industry) to get a list that meets your criteria.

Each report contains sections including industry outlook, lifecycle, products & markets and competitive landscape.  Many charts can be downloaded directly into excel and entire reports can be downloaded as pdf documents.

MarketLine Advantage
Collection of company, industry, financial, product and country information.  Contains research and data extending over all major marketplaces and industries.

OneSource will provide you with Datamonitor, RMA comparison ratio's and various other industry-related information.  Simply enter a term in the 'Industry' search box located in the upper-right side of the page.

Passport GMID
Contains company reports, industry reports and country reports.  Get product information and how various products and services are faring in other countries.  In addition to reports, you can get detailed demographic and consumer information for various countries.  These can be exported into excel.