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AC 523: Business Valuation and Performance Measurement

Library resources for business valuation


Financial statements can be found in several Bruno Library databases.  Here are the ones highlighted on this page:

  • Mergent Online
  • OneSource
  • Morningstar Investment Research Center

Check out the boxes below to see how to use each database.

Mergent Online

Connect to Mergent Online

Mergent Online offers a great deal of financial information for companies.  It's also quite easy to download the data to Excel.  Watch this video to see how to get financial statements and ratios, along with an analysis of changes over time.

Optional: View a text description of the video.



Connect to OneSource

OneSource database contains company and industry information.  The entry for a company contains a section called "Financials" that gives access to financial reports and other helpful information.  Watch the video for a demonstration.

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Morningstar Investment Research Center

Connect to Morningstar Investment Research Center

Morningstar Investment Research Center contains financial data and analysis for public companies.

Use the search box in the upper right to search for your company.  Use the navigation bar across the top to pull up different kinds of data about your company.  Note especially the sections in the center of the bar, Key Ratios, Financials, and Valuation.

Morningstar Investment Research Center


Connect to EDGAR

EDGAR is the official database of the Securities and Exchange Commission where public company filings can be found.  This is the original information that forms the basis of the data offered by the other databases mentioned here.  Use this site if you want to dig into the data as it was submitted by the company to the SEC.

Search by company name or ticker symbol to see a list of filings, most recent first.  For annual financial statements, use the 10-K; for quarterly statements, use the 10-Q.