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AC 523: Business Valuation and Performance Measurement

Library resources for business valuation


Bruno Library offers several databases with industry information.  These are highlighted below:

  • IBISWorld
  • Mergent Online
  • Value Line Research Center


Connect to IBISWorld

IBISWorld is a terrific source of information on industries.  Use the main industry report for your industry, but don't forget to check the risk ratings report as well.  See the demo below.

Optional: View a text description of the video.


Mergent Online

Connect to Mergent Online

Mergent Online also contains industry reports.

1. Open the database and click on the Industry Analysis tab in the top bar.

2. Choose the industry from the list of selections.

3. Choose the geographic area.  (Reports for North America contain sections on Canada and the United States.)

You can then select the most recent report from the results list. Open it in your browser or as a PDF.

Mergent Online Industry Analysis

Value Line Research Center

Connect to Value Line Research Center

Value Line Research Center offers industry analysis, but you must start by searching for a company in that industry.  When you reach the company page, scroll down and find the Industry Analysis box.  You can click on the PDF symbol to view the report or click on the "Read more" link at the bottom of the box.  Industries covered tend to be very broad.

Value Line Research Center - Industry analysis