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AC 523: Business Valuation and Performance Measurement

Library resources for business valuation


Connect to OneSource

OneSource contains a limited number of analyst reports.  Search for your company, then use the navigation list in the left column.  Analyst reports are shown in the "News & Analysis" section.  The screenshot below shows the analyst reports available for Cisco.

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OneSource analyst reports

Lexis/Nexis Academic

Connect to LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic contains analyst reports from several sources, but they can be hard to find.  Follow the video below to learn how.  We particularly recommend the reports from Zacks Equity Research.

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Value Line Research Center

Connect to Value Line Research Center

Value Line Research Center provides extensive analysis and ratings of a company.  Use the search box at the top of the page to search for your company, then review all the different ways Value Line rates your company.  Definitions and explanations are offered throughout. Scroll down the page for a professional analyst's comments.

Value Line Research Center

Morningstar Investment Research Center

Connect to Morningstar Investment Research Center

Morningstar employs analysts to evaluate companies and their stocks.  This information is found under the Stock Analysis tab on a company's page in the database.

Morningstar Investment Research

Yahoo! Finance

Connect to Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance contains a lot of good information, and it's free to use.  Search for your company and take a look.  You will see plenty of current news stories on the main page, but look closely to see which ones are relevant to your company and which are "sponsored," i.e., poorly-disguised advertising.  The data under the Analysts tab includes earnings and growth estimates.

Yahoo! Finance screenshot