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Excel For Non-Beginners: Start Here

Guide to Creating table and charts for Excel 2016

Class 1: Outline

  1. Import Files
  2. Freeze Panes
  3. Sorting Rows
  4. Sub-Totals
  5. Copy Page [Sum/New Col/Paste Special/
  6. Tables [Select/Filters/Function Insert/Count/CountA/Convert to Range]
  7. Printing [Print View/Gridlines/Headers/Scaling]

Class 2: Outline

  1. Bar Charts
  2. Pie Charts
  3. Line Charts
  4. Combining Two Data Types

Class 3: Outline

1.  What is a Pivot Table - Advantages/Disadvantages

2.  Adding New Table / Rows, Columns, Values, Filters

3.  Refreshing Table

4.  Subtotals, Subgroups,

5.  Using Filters for specificity

6.  Calculated Fields

Class Files

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