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Industry Resources

LibGuide for industry research. Provides fundamentals on industry research and places to find specific content.

Other sources of information


Industries at a Glance 

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Dirt Diggers

Index of 18 industry groupings offering direct links to particule resources: Directories and Data Sources, Trade Associations, Trade Publications, Labor Unions, Watchdog Groups, Regulatory Agencies, and selected federal Disclosure Forms.



Bloomberg has Industry information: Type <BI> Go

Click here for a Bloomberg Basics Guide.

Conference call transcript sources

Investor Relations- Company Website 
Go to the company website and look for the page devoted to investor relations. Often you will find transcripts of recent earnings calls here.

Seeking Alpha

Trade Publications

Trade publications are a great resource for finding a wealth of information on countless industries (small to large).  A lot of trade pubs. can be found in Business Source Ultimate. You can also find associations/professional groups in Associations Unlimited and then those profiles can provide you with trade pubs by name that pertain to those industries. 

Here is a list of a number of trade publications by name and sorted by industry: