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Research Data Services: Contacts

Research Support

The librarians listed below are available to help answer your research questions. Feel free to reach out to us for:

  • One-on-one research consultations
  • Group training sessions for various research software (students, faculty, or staff)
  • Group workshops for specific techniques and tools 
  • Advise about increasing the visibility of your research
  • Advise about sponsored research and data management planning

      Kevin Walker, PhD   

  • Social Sciences
  • Quantitative Research Methods and Tools
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Data Management Planning
  • OSF and DMPtool
  • SPSS, Qualtrics, Tableau, and R



     Karleigh Reisen, MLS

  • Qualitative Research Methods and Tools
  • Social Science Research
  • Bibliographic Utilities
  • NVivo, RefWorks



       Russel Peterson, MLS

  • Humanities
  • Data Visualization
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • SimplyAnaltics



       Jon Ezell, PhD

  • Communications and Journalism
  • Graphic Design
  • Info Graphics
  • Sound & Video Editing
  • Adobe Creative Suite



       Lauren Holmes, PhD

  • Social Sciences (Education)
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods
  • Statistical Analysis
  • SPSS, SAS, Qualtrics, Excel



       Anne Ladyem McDivitt, PhD

  • Humanities
  • Web Publishing
  • Data Visualization
  • Sound and Video Editing
  • Text Analysis



       Zach Lukemire, JD

  • Scholarly Communications
  • UA Institutional Repository
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Data Management



       Vincent Scalfani, PhD

  • Chemical Sciences and Engineering
  • Programmatic Data Harvesting
  • Scholarly APIs
  • Data Analysis and Visualization for STEM
  • MATLAB, LaTex, Python, Unix, OSF, DMPtool



       Lance Simpson, MLS

  • Biological Sciences and Engineering
  • Programmatic Data Harvesting
  • Data Analysis and Visualization for STEM
  • Python, LaTex
  • Data Management


                            ​​​​​​       Mark Siciliano, MLS

  • Business and Operations Management
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Excel, SimplyAnalytics