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Brass Instuments

Bibliographies of Chamber Music

Chamber Music Call Numbers

M180-M297 Duets
M200-M216 Duets (with Piano)
M288-M289 Duets (Woodwinds)
M290-M291 Duets (Strings/Woodwinds)
M300s Trios
M312-M342 Trios (with Piano)
M357-M359 Trios (Woodwinds/Brass)
M362-M382 Trios (Winds/Strings)
M400s Quartets
M412-M447 Quartets (with piano)
M456-M459.4 Quartets (Woodwinds/Brass)
M462-M472 Quartets (Winds/Strings)
M500s Quintets
M512-M549 Quintets (with piano)
M556 Quintets (Woodwinds/Brass)
M562-M582 Quintets (Winds/Strings)
M600s Sextets
M615-M622 Sextets (Winds/Piano)
M642-M682 Sextets (Winds)
M700s Septets
M712-M742 Septets (with Piano)
M757-M762 Septets (Winds)
M800s Octets
M822 Octets (with Piano)
M857-M859 Octets (Winds)
M900-M985 Nine or more parts
M990s Chamber Music for Early Instruments