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Graduate Business Student Guide

Resources for MBA and Business Graduate Students

Guide Contents

News & Articles
Use these databases to find academic articles and news stories dating back to when the events happened.

Databases that provide information on companies ranging from the smallest local business to the largest international corporations.  Industry information includes ratio's, barriers to entry, costs, projections and myriad marketing intelligence data.

Data Sets
Find information on doing business with international companies, or entering new territories.  This includes all tax and legal information, company information, behavioral differences, trends etc.

Citation Help
Get familiar with RefWorks and make citing articles extremely easy.  Additionally this page contains links to citation styles used in most major universities.

Best Bets

Electronic Journal Search
Find journals in electronic form and read the full-text version (in most cases) from your computer

Manderson Career Resources
Links and resources for building a resume, researching employers, practice questions and alternate job-search sites.  Specifically focused on jobs and companies that have employed Manderson graduates.