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Rodgers Library Instruction: Instruction Options


Below is a list of instruction sessions offered by Rodgers Science and Engineering Library.  Classes are discipline-based and may be tailored to specific course assignments.

Library Instruction Options

There are a number of ways that Rodgers Library can help your students.  Options include:

  • In-class instruction - We can come into your class and present help customized to your assignments.  All sessions can also include a library guide to help students after the session.  Sessions can be during class or lab time and cover as many days as you need.
  • Course library guides - A library guide can be created just for your class and its assignments.  Ideally, the guide would be introduced during a live instruction session in class, but guides can be used on their own.
  • Tutorials - Blackboard tutorials can be created for specific content to be embedded in your course.
  • Workshops - Out-of-class workshops can be held on special topics for groups of classes or entire departments.  Student attendance must be required for workshops to be offered.


To sign-up for instruction, please email your librarian the requested instruction date with the following information, preferably at least 2 weeks in advance:

  • Course number
  • Group size
  • Instruction option number
  • Instruction date and time 
  • Location (in your classroom or the library)

If class time is not available, other instruction opportunities can be provided as a course specific guide or tutorials.

General Instruction Options





The Quickstart Library 


Don't have time for a full class session? Choose this option if you'd like me to visit your class for 10-15 minutes. This session will include:

  • a librarian introduction & contact info, 
  • 1-2 tips to get your students started on a specific research assignment.

Searching Basics


Class will cover:

  • How to use Scout's basic search box
  • How to use simple limiters in Scout to narrow a search
  • How to access various items such as PDF files and books on the shelf
  • How to request an item from ILL

Approaching Research 


Have a research project/assignment? This session will guide students through the process of:

  • choosing a research topic,
  • crafting a research question,
  • identifying search terms, &
  • conducting initial searches using Scout & relevant databases.

Evaluating Resources 



This session will cover:

  • how to distinguish between scholarly, trade, & popular resources,
  • when content/format is appropriate to use,
  • how to evaluate resources for reliability, bias, accuracy, and currency.

Advanced Resource Evaluation


This class will cover:

  • The peer review process
  • Gray Literature
  • Pseudoscience

Search Strategies


Class will cover:

  • How to find a specific publication using journal title search
  • How to find a known item such as an article that is referenced in an index record or a works cited page
  • How to identify controlled vocabulary for targeted, field-specific searching

Citing Sources


Class will cover the citation style tools:

  • Refworks
  • Zotero
  • Endnote

Preventing Plagiarism


Class will cover:

  • Citing sources in APA, MLA, CSE, etc.
  • Direct quotations
  • Paraphrases
  • Academic integrity
9 Developing a Literature Review This session covers literature review basics including types, structure, and research strategies, with a focus on science-related literature reviews.
10 Other session If one of the sessions above doesn't meet your needs, we will work with you to create a custom session.

SEL Librarians

Please contact the subject librarian directly to schedule your instruction session.

Librarian Subjects Contact Information

Mangala Krishnamurthy


Communicative Disorders


Geological Sciences




Vincent Scalfani

Vincent Scalfani's picture

Aerospace Engineering

Biological Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering




Lance Simpson

Lance Simpson's picture

Biological Sciences

Biological Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering



Subject Specific Courses




R1 Subject Specific Resources

Class will cover:

  • Advanced search options for subject databases
  • Overview of specific databases:
    • EngineeringVillage, IEEE, Scopus
    • SciFinder, Royal Society of Chemistry
    • CINAHL, PubMed, Ovid
    • GeoRef, GeoBase 
  • Controlled vocabulary searching 

Finding Reference Materials


Class will cover how to access reference materials in:

  • Knovel
  • AccessEngineering
  • ENGnetBASE

Interactive Equations and Spreadsheet Calculators


Class will cover finding and using equations and calculators in:

  • Knovel
  • AccessEngineering
  • Engineering Toolbox
R4 Finding Special Resources

Class will cover how to find resources such as:

  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Dissertations and Theses
  • Standards
  • Material Properties
  • Technical Reports

(Please indicate which resources you want covered.)

Coming Soon:

  • Software Instructional Support for: MATLAB, AutoCAD, Solidworks
  • Strategies and Tools for Managing Your Data