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Research for Advocacy and Activism: Start Here

This is a collaboration between the University Libraries and Safe Zone and supports LGBTQ students as they conduct research for advocacy and activism.

Research and Instruction Librarian

Coordinator of Library Instruction & Liaison to the English Department

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Sara Whitver

Safe Zone: Advocate's Academy

This supports the Safe Zone Advocate's Academy by providing guidance and resource for students who are conducting research for advocacy and activism. 

Make a Goal, Make a Plan

Research for Advocacy and Activism starts with an issue or a problem. What is the issue you are concerned with? How are you approaching the problem and what do you need to accomplish?

It’s important, even in the beginning of your research, to figure out what your goal is in relation to your issue. Is your goal to educate other people about your issue? Is your goal to change a policy or a law? Is your goal to gain recognition for something or someone or a group of people? All of these goals require a different plan, and the collection of different kinds of information. Once you set a goal, your research will enable you to make a plan.

6 Steps for Getting Things Done:

  1. Identify an issue
  2. Identify laws, policies, and regulations 
  3. Research key actors
  4. Draft information
  5. Organize other people
  6. Step up and take action