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SP 516 - The Feminist Archive in 19th Cent. Latin American Literature: Navigating this Guide

A course guide containing resources for students enrolled in SP 516.

What is this Guide for?

This course guide acts as a resource for the students of SP 516 to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to conduct archival research. The guide is organized under the following tabs:

  • Fundamentals of Archival Studies: Here you will find a list of vocabulary terms that archivists commonly use, which will help you understand the lexicon of the archive to a greater degree. There is also a bibliography of journal articles from archivists that are theorizing the history and meaning of archives.
  • Theorizing the Archive: This tab contains a selection of works from feminist scholars and post-colonial scholars that interrogate the meaning of archives as institutions of power and memory. 
  • Digital Archives: In addition to library databases that contain archival collections, this tab also has comics that explain the precarious nature of digital preservation.
  • Contacting an Archive: Here you will find instructions on how to arrange a visit with an archive, resources that outline procedures for contacting an archive outside the United States, and a list of national libraries in Latin America that have online collections.

Hoole Special Collections

The W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library makes available rare and unique materials for the benefit of researchers at the University of Alabama. Their work towards acquiring, preserving , and dissemenating these materails makes archival research possible. Before using their collections, consider these resources.

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