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International Research: Start Here

Resources that will assist you with projects related to international business

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Country-Level Resources

Global Insight
Get analysis on risks involved in doing business in foreign countries.  Topics include political, security, legal and taxation issues.  Consistently updates information concening events that may change a country's risk rating.

Global Road Warrior
Global Road Warrior consists of country guides covering a variety of topics including education, country facts, business culture, climate, life cycles, religion, food, health, electrical, transportation and more.

Company Resources

Hoovers Online
Search for information on both domestic and international companies.  Contains data about competitors, financial information, history/background, primary products etc.  Very easy to use to find a single company or generate a list of similar companies.

Excellent database for researching foreign companies.  Contains information such as company description, historical financials, analyst reports, SWOT analysis and more.  Find research on a particular company or build a list of global companies that meet your research requirements.

Mergent Online
Find information for U.S. and international publicly-traded companies.  Contains supply chain data (customers and suppliers), executive information, market data and filings.

Data Sets

Contains company reports, industry reports and country reports.  Get product information and how various products and services are faring in other countries.  In addition to reports, you can get detailed demographic and consumer information for various countries.  These can be exported into excel. 

Data and facts from thousands of sources onto a single platform. Categorized into subject sectors, provides direct access to relevant quantitative facts on finance, media & marketing, politics, telecommunications, sports & recreation and many more areas of interest. Sources of information include market researchers, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases. Statistical data can be downloaded directly into PowerPoint, Excel, and JPG formats.

Coverage of spending, marketing, demographic and social behaviors in the digital world (social media, internet and mobile application, company spending, consumer reception, and financial data).

News & Articles

Seaches thousands of global newspapers, including some of the prominent names such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and New York Times.

LexisNexis Academic
In addition to searching thousands of global newspapers (including foreign language sources) LexisNexis also searches radio and television transcripts, blogs, country information and legal documents.

Business Source Premier
More than just a full-text searchable database.  Contains industry reports, company reports, SWOT analysis, market research reports and much more.  Type a search term into the box and then choose the type of report you want from the horizontal menu located just above your search results.