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Zoom for the Libraries

An internal quick guide for using Zoom for remote work in the context of the Libraries


Below are some functional, global settings for Meetings in Zoom. Changing some of these settings may present a security risk, depending on other settings in your account and in a specific meeting. Always be aware of what your settings will allow you and your participants to do.

These can all be toggled from the browser dashboard for Zoom (from under Main Menu > Settings > Meetings(If you have trouble finding this menu, a visual guide to finding it is available at this link.)

  • File Transfer - (Default: OFF) - When set to ON, members can drag/drop or upload files into the Chat bar, participants can download these files to their systems. This is obviously only advisable for small, internal, and preferably password-protected meetings.
  • Feedback to Zoom - (Default: ON) - When set to ON, participants are prompted to complete a user experience survey at the end of a meeting. This survey is for Zoom's use and serves no immediate purpose to the Host or Participants.
  • Chat - Prevent Participants from Saving Chat - (Default: ON) - When set to OFF, participants can choose to download the chat logs as a txt file to their computer. If meetings tend to have important info in the chats, this might be a setting to consider changing.
  • Auto-Saving Chats - (Default: Disabled) - When Enabled, chat log is automatically saved to Host's computer so it can be referred to later.
  • Co-Host - (Default: OFF) - When set to ON, this function allows you to assign a Co-Host mid-meeting. Co-Hosts have privileges similar to Hosts (in terms of sharing, administration over participants, etc.). Assigning Co-Hosts also allows for the meeting to continue if the Host leaves the meeting or is disconnected. 
  • Always Show Meeting Control Toolbar - (Default: OFF) - When set to ON, the menu controls do not appear / disappear when hovered over with the mouse.
  • Schedule Privilege - (Default: OFF) - When set to ON, allows other users in the system (whom you designate) to schedule meetings for you.

Screen Sharing & Related Functions

Sharing is a core feature of Zoom and it allows Hosts or Participants to:

  • Present slideshows (e.g. in Powerpoint or Google Slides)
  • Annotate what you share or what others share (e.g. highlight, draw, text)
    • annotated screen shares can be saved as screenshots
  • Share whiteboards - these are blank canvases everyone can modify and then save
  • Share iOS device screens via AirPlay
  • Remote Control someone's shared application window (or vice versa)
    •  e.g., you can help someone troubleshoot software, do a live walkthrough, etc.
    • Host is always in control of permissions for this
    • multiple users can control a shared item at once