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Mergers & Acquisitions

Introduction to M&A and the databases that Bruno Library has to give you more information

Guide Contents

This guide will give you an introduction to the world of Mergers & Acquisitions.  It will provide resources that are available in the library for you to use as a student/faculty member of the University of Alabama.

Most M&A information comes from databases that are very expensive.  So, take advantage of the data while you have access to it.

***There are many differences in inclusion and valuation criteria between the vendors (in other words, what is/isn't a deal and what is the value).  If you are doing anything more than an anecdotal search for deals, CONTACT ME***


Top US Takeovers 2024 YTD

Announced Target Acquiror Val ($mil) Status
2/19/2024 Discover Financial Services Capital One Financial Corp $34,973.11 Pending
1/16/2024 Ansys Inc Synopsys Inc $32,108.08 Pending
2/5/2024 Catalent Inc Novo Holdings $15,583.72 Pending
1/9/2024 Juniper Networks Inc Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co $13,422.92 Pending
4/5/2024 Shockwave Medical Inc Johnson & Johnson $13,221.24 Pending
3/11/2024 Equitrans Midstream Corp EQT Corp $11,490.47 Pending
1/11/2024 Southwestern Energy Co Chesapeake Energy Corp $11,456.79 Pending
4/8/2024 Apartment Income REIT Blackstone Property Partners LP $8,108.01 Pending
4/2/2024 ChampionX Corp Schlumberger Ltd $8,062.45 Pending
4/24/2024 HashiCorp Inc IBM Corp $6,431.89 Pending


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