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Use this guide to find information on financial accounting.

Guide Contents

Welcome to the Accounting guide.  Here is what you'll find under the other tabs in this guide:

U.S. Standards
Learn about the major pronouncements that govern US financial accounting: the FASB Codification. Read about the convergence of GAAP and IFRS. Find links to standard-setting organizations and read current news from FASB.

International Standards
Learn about the International Accounting Standards Board, the IFRS, and the convergence of GAAP and IFRS. Explore what countries are using IFRS and why US accountants need to know about IFRS.

Accounting Research Manager
The primary database for looking up accounting pronouncements is Accounting Research Manager. At this tab get tips on different ways to search and see videos of sample searches.

Financial Data
Financial statements are an essential element of financial accounting. Find out where to get company financial statements or SEC filings. Learn about financial ratios and which databases have them. Also see definitions for the major types of financial statements.

Key Resources
Get full access to the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.  Find out where to look for articles on accounting topics.

Careers & Local Info
Learn about taking the CPA exam in Alabama, and see an example of a CPA study guide in the Bruno Library. Get a link to the Alabama Society of CPAs.