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Social Work: Websites of Interest

This subject is guide is intended to assist students, faculty, staff and alumni of the School of Social Work in locating specific resources in the field of social work.

NYU's Information for Practice

The Information for Practice archives are maintained at the NYU School of Social Work and are an incredible resource for all topics. It would be worth your while to check it out.

2012 Poverty--Interpreting Measures

Click here for a document from the Instutute for Research on Poverty on interpreting U.S. poverty mesures. Good stuff!

Institute for Research on Poverty

The Institutie for Research on Poverty at the Universityof Wisconsin-Madison is an excellent resource for research on poverty. Check out there regular publication Focus

Hate Crimes

Click here for a February 2012 bibliography on Hate Crimes.

Proceedings of the National Conference on Social Welfare

The National Conference on Social Welfare Proceedings is a collection of fulltext papers presented at the national social welfare comferences from 1874-1982.  Useful for historical sections in papers and presentations.


News Bank

News Bank is an online resource for up-to-date information on current events [includes maps and images] as well as access links to newsapapers and older American historical publications.

At the bottom of the link probided here is a link to subscribe to News Band Special Monthly Reports.

Initiative on Poverty and the Economy: University of Georgia

Check out the University of Georgia's Initiave on Poverty and the Economy for statistics at the state and county level.

Social Sciences Data Services

Providing Social Data Services  click here for info on workshops and information avaiable to the genreal public.


2012 Statistical Abstract fo the United States

The 2012 Statistical Abstract of the United States provides a wide vareity of statistics from U.S. government, state and local resources.

Definately worth a look for the latest stats. Remember that it can ofter take a seemingly long time to provide statistics gathered from  federal, state and lcoal entities, so many of these are not up-to-date for the year 2012.

The Social Worker Speaks

The Social Worker Speaks is an online newletter that has all things related to social work including uplifitng personal stories of people helped by social workers, job announcments, etc. It's worth a look when you have some free time.

National Issues Forum

The National Issues Forum

About National Issues Forums (NIF)

National Issues Forums (NIF) is a network of civic, educational, and other organizations, and individuals, whose common interest is to promote public deliberation in America. It has grown to include thousands of civic clubs, religious organizations, libraries, schools, and many other groups that meet to discuss critical public issues. Forum participants range from teenagers to retirees, prison inmates to community leaders, and literacy students to university students.

NIF does not advocate specific solutions or points of view but provides citizens the opportunity to consider a broad range of choices, weigh the pros and cons of those choices, and meet with each other in a public dialogue to identify the concerns they hold in common.

2010 Health Guidelines

2010--2015 Health Guidelines  from the USDA and HHS.

The 2010 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), released on January 31, 2011, is a joint effort of the United States Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS). Until the next update is available in 5 years, these revised guidelines will serve as the foundation for federal nutrition policy, research, programs, education, outreach, and other initiatives that aim to promote the public's health and reduce the risk for chronic disease.

In October 2008, a diverse panel of 13 leading health and nutrition experts was appointed to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) following a formal nomination and selection process. The DGAC was charged with conducting a systematic, evidence-based review of the latest scientific and medical literature to determine whether and how to update the 2005 edition of the DGA. These recommendations were summarized in the DGAC Report , which was presented to the Secretaries of the USDA and HHS in June 2010. This scientific advisory report informed the peer-reviewed translation and development of the revised DGA.

DSM-IV TR Online

The DSM-IV-TR online

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute is a non-partisan think tank that conducts research, evaluates social programs, and collects a wide variety of data relating to U.S. domestic issues and specializes in research on poverty. 

Centers for Disease Control

The Centers of Disease Control is a 'must see' site for all things related to healthcare.

Journal Impact Factors

This Web Of Science Journal Impact Factors handout provides a brief review of how to determine the impact factors for journals in social work and other disciplines. An 'impact factor' is an indication of how many times articles in a journal are cited by other researchers and authors in professional journals.

Give it a look. To find the impact factor for a specfic journal, go to the libraries databases page, click on the letter, then click on the JCR database and follow the steps.

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