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MKT 518

Marketing Management & Decision Making

Getting Started

Bruno Library website
Nearly everything in our library can be found here.  If you are looking to start any research project, this will be the perfect place for you to find all the material you need.

Catalog Search
Find books, journals or anything that is available within the library's holdings.  This will search the entire University Libraries catalog.

Library Hours
These are pretty consistent throughout the semester, but a good place to find out how late we are open during Fall Break or Thanksgiving.

Finding Books & Articles

A lot of material can be accessed through the Bruno Library website. Here, you will find information on just about everything the library offers the UA community.  Whether you are looking for databases, where to get help with your research, or where to find course-specific pages, we have it available for you.

Scout is the newest addition to the University Libraries. Enter a term and you will retrieve information ranging from library books, journal articles, images, videos etc.  Definitely a great place to start researching a topic you might not be familiar with.  ONLINE TUTORIAL

Citing Sources

As part of the UA community, you have free access to this citation resource in perpetuity.  Use it for any research-related project that you are working on.  It will download all the sources you use for a project and format them into the citation style that is requested by your professor.  Set up your free account.

HBS Citation Guide
Examples of how to cite many business sources.  For those who still like old school citation compilation and haven't made the leap to RefWorks.