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UA Libraries FYW Library Instruction Program

First Year Writing Library Instruction Overview

The FYW Library Instruction Program is designed to support students as they learn to engage with the research process. Librarians provide scaffolded instruction that aligns with the progression of research assignments throughout the semester. This page includes descriptions of each of the four lesson plans available to FYW instructors. 

Schedule Library Instruction

Choosing a Topic

In this lesson, students will learn brainstorming strategies that will help them develop a researchable topic, walk through the process of refining ideas, and create a bank of keywords to use for searching. 

Possible areas of instructional focus: 

  • Brainstorming
  • Asking Questions 
  • Developing a Keyword Inventory
  • Refining Scope/Focus

This session is most applicable at the beginning stage of a research assignment. 

Searching for Sources

In this lesson, students will be introduced to Scout, learn basic search strategies such as connecting search terms with Boolean Operators and using limiters, and how to choose the right database for the kinds of sources they need.

Possible areas of instructional focus:

  • Scout
  • Boolean Operators
  • Search Fields and Limiters
  • Searching in Databases (not Scout)

This session is applicable for students who have selected a research topic and are still gathering sources for their assignment. 

Evaluating Sources

In this lesson, students will learn how to put together a search strategy to locate specific types of sources and develop evaluation skills to select sources while considering variables such as timeliness, publication process, and credibility. 

Possible areas of instructional focus:

  • Different Kinds of Sources
  • Relevancy
  • Reliability 

This session is applicable any time during a research project.  

Questions & Answers with a Librarian

During this session, a librarian will come to your classroom and answer student questions about the research process. 

  • Students should come to class with at least one question in hand about conducting research

This session is most applicable during the drafting stage of a research assignment and is ideally scheduled after students have spent some time searching for sources.