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LibGuides: A How-To: Start Here

A refresher guide about designing, creating, and maintaining your LibGuides content.

Helpful Links for Guide Creation

LibGuides: Guidelines

I've included 2017 Guidelines and Best Practices within this guide page for a quick overview. The full PDF is also linked in the box on the left for download. 

Guide Description

A detailed introduction to the guide

  • Try and address an audience unaffiliated with the university
  • “Welcome to the course guide for EN 101! Filled with lots of videos and links, this guide will help you identify tools and learn skills so that you can write successful academic papers!”

Profile Box 

  • Rightmost column
  • Only on the "Start Here" page
  • Title "Ask Me'
  • Include email address, office number, and phone number
  • Pictures must be at 130x130 pixels, of either yourself, or from stock profile images we have - contact LibGuides admin for access.

Contact the Library

  • Bottom right corner
  • Listed on each page of a guide
  • Title specific to each branch
  • Example: "Contact Rodgers Library"

Naming Conventions

For Course Guides

  • Course Number: Full Name of Course (Instructor Name, if needed)
  • Example: COM 340: Communication & Social Identity (Smith)

Start Here Page

  • A guide's landing page
  • You no longer need to include a table of contents in the center of the page. Save that space for content.


  • Short titles with ampersands as conjunction “and”
  • Please use title case
  • Subpages should be used judiciously
  • For subject guides, try to maintain tab navigation names that are familiar to users
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Media
  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Sources
  • Company Information
  • Statistics
  • Scholarly Sources
  • Popular Sources
  • Citation Help
  • Reference
  • Courses
  • Scores
  • Recordings

LibGuides: Best Practices


  • Keep tabs limited to a single row 
  • Tabs with more than one subpage will help users if there's a contents landing page


Meant to represent details within a guide, but also for grouping relevant guides together

  • Refrain from using course names, instructors, or subjects as tags
  • Strike a balance between as few options as possible, while also giving users a choice that satisfies
  • Reuse suggested tags that are provided by the system


  • If available, please use the official database asset and reuse existing links. This will help with link maintenance, consistency, and use statistics
  • No limit to links in a list
  • Please try to group by relevance

Friendly URLs

  • Lower case
  • Avoid underscores
  • To delineate by instructor or section, separate with a /


  • Search for assets (links, databases, media, documents, etc.) before creating new ones
  • Administrator will provide a guide repository that contains commonly used, reusable content

Special Considerations

  • Consider adding a Course Guide under a "Courses" page tab in a Subject Guide
  • For interdisciplinary courses, copy guide content and list under individual course names