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Infrared Photography

What is Infrared Hyper-Color?

Most cameras filter out light in the infrared spectrum. However, this camera has been converted to let in part of the infrared spectrum allowing for unique results right out of the camera. You can read more about the conversion process that this camera went through by visiting the site of the company we used to convert this camera, Lifepixel

Shooting with this Camera

Camera Modes

Only use Manual modes (M,Av,Tv,P) or Video Mode.


Proper white balance is important in all photography but is critical in IR photography.  DO NOT use the auto white balance.  The best white balance is achieved by using objects that are reflecting lots of IR light (grass, leaves, or other green foliage). However, we include a grey card so you will always have something to white balance with. 

Setting White Balance

  • Fill the frame with green foliage or a grey card
  • Softly focus on foliage or grey card
  • Check for a neutral exposure
  • Take picture
  • Press the Menu button
  • Go to the “Star” tab or “Second Camera” Tab
  • Select “Custom White Balance”
  • Navigate to the image you took
  • Press the "Set" button

Camera Lenses General

The best lens to use that we offer is a 50mm f1.8 prime.  In general, we found that auto-focus lenses perform better than the manual lens we provide. Hotspots in the center of the image can be an issue with IR photography. You will just have to test your lens at different aperture values to see if it suffers from this artifact. 

Focus & Live View

Use Live-view mode to get a real-time preview of your shot and more accurate focus than you can with the viewfinder.  The lens will focus IR light differently than visible light and Live-view will give you the best chance of getting a sharp image. Some “blooming” is to be expected with this type of image.

Hotspot Lens Chart


Use the Chart below to check and see if the lens  you want to use has issues with Hotspots

Can you use the Lens at this aperture?
Lens Wide Open F-4 F-8 F-11 F-16 Closed
Kit Lens
(18-55m f-3.5/5.6)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

(50mm f-1.8)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(70-200mm f-2.8)
Yes Yes Maybe
(slight hotspot)
​(slight hotspot)
No No
(17-50mm f-2.8)
Yes Yes Yes Maybe
​(slight hotspot)
No No
(10-20mm f-4)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Maybe
​(slight hotspot)
(24mm t-1.5)
Yes Yes Yes Maybe
​(slight hotspot)
No No
(35mm t-1.5)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(50mm t-1.5)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Maybe
​(slight hotspot)
(85mm t-1.5)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lens Baby System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Link Example Gallery

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