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MGT 388 Developing, Financing, and Growing New Ventures

Resources for Business Management project


Company Information
Find detailed information on public and private companies within a certain geography, with similar sales or in a particular industry.  Databases can provide company history, SWOT analysis, competitors, financial statements and analyst recommendations. 

News and Articles
Databases will give you access to thousands of newspapers, published all over the world.  You will be able to search for, and read about stories that happened as the events happened.  Large publications such as the Wall Street Journal and NY Times, as well as small-market papers can be accessed.

Industry/Market Information
Access reports and statistics on user demographics, user behaviors, sales potential and industry analysis.  Databases include standard industry reports, marketing reports and visualization-based statistical analysis.

Citing These Sources
Everything you use from these databases will have to be cited.  These are links that can make this an easy process.